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ARID comes out after the decisions of the First International Conference on management, training and human development and its recommendations during 5/9-10/2015 in Malaysia, and the implementation of the final recommendations of the international scientific conferences, workshops and exhibitions of training institutions, which included four international conferences during 12/12-13/2015 in Malaysia. These clearly indicated that there is a real problem hindering a lot of outstanding scientific efforts that could enable us to achieve our ambitions in the world of scientific research for Arabic speakers.

We will also be able to overcome difficulties through a quality shift in the field of scientific production and publishing from various branches and divisions, in addition to all related introductions and results, which will allow researchers and experts from around the world to communicate, have mutual understanding and benefit from the experiences of each other. Also, there can be some joint scientific projects that will enrich the field of scientific research in a way that can change our perception and perspective of the whole of this process and in all disciplines.

Because we know that the price of success is hard work and commitment to the job required, and because we are not going to achieve any progress unless we attempt to do greater work than what we have already done, the project came out of the hardships faced by the researcher speaking in the Arabic language since the emergence of universities, institutes and various educational programs in their contemporary before nearly a century. After Arabic had been the official language of one of humanity's greatest civilizations and most advanced for more than twelve centuries of time, it has become a burden for researchers who wish to contribute to the research of sciences and diverse human knowledge, development and dissemination.

On the basis of this vision, the work started on a special platform for the Arabic-speaking community. It has been developed by more than eighty specialists from different countries, as this case has to change and this will not be achieved unless there are great efforts from those interested people.

The participant will find out that he or she has become a member of multiple scientific platform activities. He or she will also find out how the platform programs and departments work to address what difficulties are faced by the Arabic-speaking researcher. This will bring about clear exposure to the Arabic-speaking researcher in the field of scientific publishing and highlighting the worth of his research and work.

That never denies the existence of some difficulties experienced by the Arabic-speaking researcher. These problems are particularly seen in the lack of adequate training and experience necessary to understand the contemporary research tools. Also, there are some difficulties to grasping the concepts and standards behind scientific publishing. This is considered the most prominent objective on which the platform was based.

This ambitious and promising project, named "ARID Platform" (Arab Researcher iD) will attempt to gather Arabic-speaking researchers by assigning them an ID number for each researcher after a free registration. This is with a rating system for each researcher and every scientific institution, university or university college or an institute or a scientific center dedicated to scientific research and publication in the relevant institutions like the most prestigious and globally approved journals.

This technological system is of high quality and the first ever of its type in the Arab world. It assigns an ID number to Arabic-speaking researchers and this will add a kind of excellence to the student benefitting from this privilege to publish his or her scientific works.

This system provides a set of tools and effective support services in a professional manner bridging the virtual world and field reality. This will also help the researcher to increase the visibility of his or her research in the search engines and support him or her in many ways. This will help increase the scientific production significantly.

Finally, based on this vision and true need, we felt it necessary to work hard to set up a true scientific edifice gathering millions of scholars, thinkers, professors, researchers and higher studies students in addition to writers, journalists and media specialists.

A scientific step towards this goal, we officially announce the launch of the project during the opening ceremony of the platform on 25/04/2015 at University Malaya.

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The future is owned by those believing in their dreams and their capacity to achieve them; those who believe that today’s difficulties and challenges are but the price you have to pay to achieve them all tomorrow.

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